Lisa Cadiente

Owner, Aesthetician, Make-Up Artist


Lisa Cadiente, owner of Faces Salon, is dynamic entrepreneur in Santa Cruz.  She is an Aesthetician and highly sought after international make-up artist. Dedicated to higher purpose, one of her most rewarding projects has been to work with The Look Good Feel Better program. As one of the founders of the Central Coast Hair Design & Beauty Expo, Lisa’s goal has always been to create new possibilities in the industry and community. Lisa is an educator, trainer, public speaker, and contributor to national trade publications in the industry.

When Lisa was 16, she took her Mom to Faces for a facial and wrote in her journal later that evening that she wanted to own a salon like it someday. It was 12 years later that she got a job at Faces as an Aesthetician. After working there for six years, she bought Faces from the second owner, Laurie, in February of 1992.

Since Lisa took on ownership of Faces Salon in 1992, she has employed over 300 professionals, not counting the previous owner’s staff. 14 of these talented individuals were able to launch their own businesses. Faces is committed to providing the space for artists and clients alike to thrive. The training and legacy at Faces has been professional and continues to provide excellence in our industry to this day.

Lisa also enjoys her work in various freelance platforms: photography, multimedia arts, film, television, radio, commercials, marketing, theater design, and theater make-up. Her freelance assignments have taken her to fantastic locations including Switzerland, France, Greece, Egypt, Costa Rica, Hawaii and the Mexican Caribbean.